Highway 101 Road Trip

Headed out on an adventure?  If you're traveling down the Oregon Coast we've got you covered, but make sure to plan out your time accordingly because these are sites you are not going to want to miss. Starting at Astoria is a great idea, there are many great things to do and see.  Firstly, the Astoria... Continue Reading →

An Ocean Excursion

Oregon is known for its vast coastal towns, but many will argue that none is more prominent or well known than Seaside. A town known for being the last stop on the Oregon Trail, Seaside is only an hour and half outside of Portland, Oregon.  Seaside does have a reputation for being expensive, however that's... Continue Reading →

The Painted Hills: A Step Back in Time

Just outside the town of Mitchell rests one of the 7 wonders of Oregon. Step back millions of years when you visit the Painted Hills. Beautiful strips of red, tan, orange and black cover the hills in which fossils from 30 million years ago have been found. This bed is just one of the three... Continue Reading →

Being a travel blog for college students, we wanted to go out and talk to the student community to see what we're missing in our in our posts. The feedback we received was overwhelming. So far, we've focused a lot on inexpensive travel destinations, however, not so much on inexpensive places to stay at instead... Continue Reading →

When I realized I was going to be making a trip to Eugene, I was most excited to know that my quest would include a hunt for vegan chicken nuggets. We’ll talk more on that later… The first stop was to have breakfast at Cornbread Cafe which is a restaurant that is 100% vegan serving... Continue Reading →

Big Day in Portland on a Small Budget

Portland is a massive city with plenty of exciting things to do from unique restaurants to night clubs.  Yet those usually come with massive prices.  Thankfully there are still plenty of fun things to do that will keep you well within your daily budget. Visiting within the months of March and December?  Start the day... Continue Reading →

Vegan Ashland

Burritos, Used Gear, Donuts, and Skate parks: A Vegan’s Guide to Ashland! Whether you’re either just coming through or staying in Ashland awhile, these spots are a must to check out. The first stop is Ruby’s Neighborhood Restaurant where they have a wide range of brunch type options. Surprisingly, they have a vegan breakfast burrito... Continue Reading →

Umpqua Hot Springs with a bit of Tokette Falls

Two sweet spots you can explore this week are Toketee Falls and Umpqua Hot Springs. They are only about a couple of miles down the road from each other. This makes doing either or both an easy option for the day. Toketee Falls is only a ⅓ mile hike from the trail head. At the... Continue Reading →

Review: Ashland Fairy Ponds

Just a five minute hike from your car, the Ashland Fairy Ponds are a fun adventure for anyone looking for a quick getaway. This past week we shared our Weekend Travel Plan to visit the ponds, this week we’ll share our adventure with you. The ponds are a bit breathtaking. It was a beautiful destination... Continue Reading →

Get on your skis and snowboards!

Although the famous Mt. Ashland, known for its easy to moderate skiing and snowboarding slopes for the Southern Oregon Area may have seemed like it wasn’t going to be open for play this winter, the recent 14” snowfall of the last 24 hours starting on Jan. 24th brought hope. There are areas outside of the... Continue Reading →

Weekend Travel Plan: Ashland Fairy Ponds

Located close outside Lithia park the Ashland Fairy Pools are Ashlands hidden gem.   The Ashland Fairy ponds are a magical getaway for anyone who needs a good escape. This weekend for our Travel Plan we are adventuring to these breathtaking ponds that are located just outside of Lithia Park. Unfortunately, there aren’t any fairies... Continue Reading →

Weekend Travel Plan: Vulcan Lake

Looking for a fun and inexpensive weekend getaway? Plan a hike to Vulcan Lake in the wilderness area of southwest Oregon. It’s known as a “..gem near the coast,” according to Zach Urness of the Daily Courier. Follow a beautiful out and back style trail and get a moderate workout with an elevation gain of... Continue Reading →

Oregon On A Dime Founders

Who is Oregon On A Dime? Ever want to travel the beautiful state of Oregon but just don't have the funds to do so? No worries, we're here to help. We are Oregon On A Dime. We are a fun new blog made to help find interesting places to travel, visit, hike, explore, or vacation... Continue Reading →

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